Acacia Honey Transparent and delicate, with a classic confetto flavor

Organic Acacia Honey

It comes from the flowers of Robinia Pseudoacacia L., scientific name of the plant belonging to the Mimosaceae family. The color is very clear and transparent, and can become cloudy following a partial crystallization, which in any case will never reach a complete stage. Loved by those who prefer liquid and very delicate honey. The scent is vaguely floral, with hints of acacia flowers, while the flavor is of confetto, sweet without a particular aftertaste or level of acidity. Its sugar content is largely due to fructose. We produce it by moving the hives in early May on the Alpes near the Swiss border. 

Miele del Crinale The KING of honeys

Organic Honey of the Ridge - VER (spring) and AESTAS (summer)

The result is a niche production of precious nectar, rediscovery of an ancient honey traditionally produced around Mount Cimone, above 1500 meters above
sea level.
Born from the almost insane project to bring the bees on the ridge of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, around 1500 m in the vicinity of the Libro Aperto. An ancient mission, to rediscover the rare honey of the Apennine  which in the "Ver" version harvested in May includes the blooms of wild blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, hawthorn, Forget-me-not (and who knows what other wonderful flowers)... The June harvest, "Aestas", in addition to the wonderful blooms of May, is enriched with Wild Thyme, Carlina, Cornflower, Sulla Alpina, Fir Honeydew...  
A niche honey of high altitude that is effortful and precious, unique in the world, quintessence of the scents and soul of the mountain area.
Ver is characterized by a very fine crystallization with a wonderfully creamy, sweet, slightly fruity consistency.
Aestas does not crystallize thanks to the Fir Honeydew, it has an intense and structured flavour, very persistent on the palate, excellent in combination with important cheeses.
Honey that tastes like honey!!!.
Linden Honey Aromatic and fragrant, Modena's most typical honey

Organic Linden Honey

Intense characteristic scent of blooming linden trees, fresh, aromatic and slightly balsamic flavor, reminiscent of mountain herbs and mint, while retaining a certain intensity and persistence.  In the kitchen it is perfect for fragrant desserts and is also excellent in combination with blue cheeses. It's a traditional product of Modena, so much so that it is recognized among the Typical Agri-food Products of Emilia Romagna (PAT). Our bees produce this exquisite nectar between the villages of Soliera and Albareto, near Modena, where the large concentration of linden trees guarantees one of the purest monoflora honeys in Italy.

Chestnut Honey Intense and slightly bitter, delicious on ricotta

Organic Chestnut Honey

Amber, has intense perfume and flavor, but with balance. Perfect in the kitchen for meat preparations and in combination with fresh cheeses, first of all the ricotta and white yoghurt. It crystallizes rarely thanks to the high fructose percentage. A delicacy coming from the historic chestnut woods around Fanano and along the ancient Via Romea. Our production sites are located at about 900 m above sea level, where raspberries also bloom at the same time, which give a fresh and fruity note with a bitter finish typical of this honey.
Dandelion and Apple Honey Penetrating scent and hints of chamomile

Dandelion and Apple Organic Honey

It is a rare honey, a precious gift from the years when spring is mild and the bees are already strong enough whenf the dandelion blooms. It is produced in April from the wonderful combination of apple and dandelion blossoms, among the rows of an organic apple orchard. Amber yellow in color, the perfume is intense and penetrating, typical of dandelions. In the flavor, the persistence of the dandelion is softened by the apple nectar, in a combination of medium sweetness with hints of chamomile. It crystallizes very quickly with fine crystals. 
Honeydew Aromatic and saline, the honey of athletes

Organic Honeydew

Aromatic, intense, saline... A honey for connoisseurs! It is the only honey that does
not derive from nectar but is produced by bees when they feed on a sugar substance that small butterflies metabolize from the sap of plants such as oak. Typical of the wooded and humid areas of the Padanian plain. Markedly less sweet than other honeys and rich in mineral salts, including potassium, phosphorus and iron, therefore perfect for sportspeople. Dark, dense and creamy, it never crystallizes completely . An ecstasy for the palate with an aftertaste of soil, bark, and caramel, excellent with seasoned cheeses.
Winner of the 2 GOCCE D'ORO prize at the competition Grandi Mieli d'Italia! 
Honeycomb The most original taste of honey


Nothing is like the taste of honey when it is still in the honeycomb! The honey in the wax cells arrives on your palate as the bees did, without even the air having changed it in any way. An explosion of flavor that is unparalleled. You cut a piece, put it in your mouth and while you chew the wax breaks and releases the honey. If you like, you can also eat the wax, which being organic is perfectly edible. Or, once the honey flavor is gone, a little wax chewing will remain. Fun to eat, the chewable texture makes it perfect as a dessert!

Mixed Blossom Honey A perfect balance of a thousand floral essences

Organic Mixed Blossom Honey

Coming from mixed flower nectars, it embraces countless flavour shades and has many nutritional properties. Amber orange, scented and sweet, it crystallizes naturally, if cold extracted. Produced from spring until late summer, it contains hawthorn, white clover, ailanthus and false indigo, which make it interesting in pairings with low-seasoned vaccine cheeses.

Special products

Pollen A true super-food

Organic Pollen

Gentle smell and taste of flowers, slightly sweet, it can be mixed to yoghurt and muesli, or to a fresh fruit smoothie, added to salads, or used to enrich a taste of cheese and honey. It is a rich source of non-animal proteins, very important in vegetarian diets. Pollen is also useful as a supplement of iron, vitamins or minerals, it has a restorative effect. After an intense physical effort, it can be useful as a natural supplement of amino acids. Low in calories, it is considered as the most complete food in nature.
Bees use it to grow their new generations, so while adult bees feed on honey (carbohydrates), growth relies on pollen for the support of proteins and vitamins.

La Cura A breath of well-being for the respiratory tract

La Cura

Honey, propolis, eucalyptus, echinacea, black currant and mint for a balsamic boost and a full of  immune defenses!
Food supplement registered with the Ministry of Health.
Honey and hazelnut cream Simply delicious

Organic Nocciomiele

70% organic honey and 30% organic hazelnuts.... make an unparalleled DELICACY! Honey and hazelnut cream is the proof that not all the food sins should be avoided... because of this fabulous cream a spoon pulls the other... but in each of them there are all the nutritional properties of honey combined with Omega 3 and proteins of hazelnuts. Everyone likes it: those who do not love honey, children, sportsmen for a full of sugars and proteins, those who simply have a slice of bread to spread! One downside: it's impossible to stop!!!!!

Balsamic Nectar Honey barricaded in barrels of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Balsamic Nectar

Organic Honey of Acacia barricaded for 5 months in barrels that for 30 years have contained traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. As true lovers of Modena traditions, we would never have mixed two products as pure and precious as our honey and balsamic vinegar, but it is indeed replicating the tradition refined in many generations that we have conceived this product. The summer rest in the barrel gives the honey the scents and aromas of our Black Gold. This nectar is delicious on cheese, as a topping of a risotto, or for a refined dish of meat.
Non-alcoholic propolis The best remedy for the throat and oral cavity

Non-alcoholic Organic Propolis

Non-alcoholic drops of pure propolis: a few drops a day to help the immune system, or a more substantial dose to stop inflammations of the throat and oral cavity in the bud.
Food supplement registered with the Ministry of Health.

La Botta A true energy boost

La Botta

Honeydew honey, pollen, Siberian ginseng, Andean maca.
Eleutherococcus (Eleutherococcus senticosus), native to the temperate-cold areas of the Far East and also known as Siberian Ginseng, is an adaptogenic plant capable of increasing the body's defenses against physical and mental stress factors, also alleviating the symptoms associated with them. It is traditionally used for its action of improving energy performance during periods of particular physical tiredness.
Maca is a plant that grows spontaneously in the mountainous territories of Peru, the root used for the production of the dry extract has tonic, stimulating, adaptogenic and anxiolytic properties. The properties of maca are exploited above all in cases of asthenia and excessive physical and mental stress but the plant is also used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and male infertility.
The association between the two extracts and the synergy with honey make the product both an excellent tonic during periods of intense physical and mental fatigue and an energy aid before and after intense physical activity.

Food supplement registered with the Ministry of Health.