SOLETERRA produces high quality organic honey, with attention to the honeys typical of Modena and to ancient honeys

SOLETERRA is a dream come true: turning the passion for nature and for tradition into a profession and then into a product. It is a small farm in Emilia Romagna, which believes in the production of local honey and in the rediscovery of traditions, through a production that comes from respect for bees and for the environment. For this reason the choice of organic sustainable beekeeping, made of non-invasive methods, attentive to the well-being of bees and consequently of those who consume their gifts. Organic in beekeeping, as in all agriculture, means replacing chemicals with labor and sweat, preferring quality over quantity. The result is honeys that are gastronomic excellence, of a variety and character that only the richness of the Italian flora can give.

The most striking example is the Miele del Crinale. An ancient mission: the rediscovery of the nectar of the wild blueberry, raspberry, and rhododendron of the Libro Aperto, on the ridge that leads to Mount Cimone, between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany . A laboursome and precious honey produced at high altitude, unique in the world, quintessential of the scents and soul of the mountain territory.

  • Biologico vuol dire nessun prodotto farmaceutico, ma tanta più fatica
    Apicoltura biologica
  • Le api sono essenziali per impollinare le verdure
    Ape su un fiore di cipolla
  • Durante la produzione del miele di girasole
    Apiario a Senigallia
  • Polline conservato all'interno del favo
    La dispensa delle api
  • La giornata dell'apicoltore finisce col buio
    Arnie al tramonto
  • Il loro benessere è il nostro primo obiettivo
    Le nostre api
  • Castagno, rovo, mirtillo, le delizie dei nettari in quota
    Apiario in montagna